Really Easy Open Debian Software

Installation Guide


REODS sets up Debian as an OS usable for everyday tasks.

Software and Features

CLI / System Programs

  • sudo
  • nano
  • python3
  • zenity
  • lynx
  • snapd
  • wget
  • neofetch

GUI Programs

  • Brave
  • Firefox
  • gParted
  • ThunderBird
  • LibreOffice
  • VirtualBox
  • OBS (plus FFMPEG)
  • GIMP
  • VLC
  • qBittorrent


  • Changes the default, bad, wallpaper
  • Brings back minimise and maximse buttons on windows


The install is very straight forwards, there's just a few prerequisites and requirements.



First, login as root (the script installs sudo, so this is the easiest way to successfully install everything without permissions issues). Run the following command before entering the root password:

$ su

Next, we need to install curl, this allows us to download the script:

$ apt install curl

Download the script:

$ curl -LO

Now, change the file's permissions to allow us to execute it:

$ chmod +x

Finally, execute the script:

$ ./


Do not contact anyone below for support. Please open any issues on GitHub.


You can donate to the project by PayPal at

GitHub and Sources

This project is on GitHub at jacobsammon/REODS. If you cannot access the GitHub hosted version, you may want to use the version hosted on JBSN PAC.